Lordís Day 10 Themes and Divisions


G. van Popta


God governs all for the sake of his people


We see this in:


1.      The death of Ahab

2.      The cross of Christ

3.      The events of our lives


T. Van Raalte


To be God is to be almighty always; let us give thanks that we are in his care


1.      This God plans for us as our God

2.      This God provides for us as our Father

3.      This God loves us through our Saviour


K. Davis


God the Father Almighty controls all things for the sake of his childre


1.      The Fatherís comprehensive care

2.      The childrenís loving response


W. Bredenhof


Providence: Christian pilgrims are in good hands with God their Father


Weíll consider what this means for our:


1.      Past

2.      Present

3.      Future


H. Vander Kam


God My Father, Provider Ė My Provider


1.      His ability

2.      His manner

3.      My comfort


C. Bouwman


With infinite wisdom almighty Father upholds and governs his creation for good


1.      The wisdom of God

2.      The wisdom of Godís people


Van Delden


The God of providence unfailingly executes his master plan for our lives


Godís plan:


1.      is all-encompassing

2.      is unfailingly executed

3.      always works for our good


C. Stam


The gospel of the hand of God


1.      Everything in Godís hand

2.      Everything from Godís hand

3.      Everyone take Godís hand


B. Holwerda


Providence is the mercy of the Lord


1.      In misery

2.      In redemption

3.      In gratitude


Providence in the kingdom of God


1.      The support for the kingdom of God

2.      The reign in the kingdom of God

3.      The perfection of the kingdom of God


K. Dijk


The Lord is King (Psalm 93)


1.      The Lord is King

2.      The Lord is King